“‘Is ending'” / Memorable Fancies #2052

At National Airport (DCA), there is a moving walkway, a horizontal escalator. As you approach the end, a recorded voice announces “THE MOVING WALKWAY IS ENDING … THE MOVING WALKWAY IS ENDING.” Actually, of course, it doesn’t end; it returns underneath the floor in a loop, forever.

There are airport staff whose duty station is just where they will hear THE MOVING WALKWAY IS ENDING hour after hour, until their shift ends. Every day. Month. Year.

What do you suppose they hear, every night in their sleep? How many begin to fantasize that “…IS ENDING” is a metaphysical truth, and that we are all on a moving walkway that ends … or seems to … but doesn’t, just turns us under into the darkness where the moving walkway is also neverending.

queer mondaine

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