“The Ethicist” / Memorable Fancies #1932

We started by cloning single cells, here at DupeMe, Inc., then goldfish, then people. All very ethical, of course; our own ethicist told us so; we made a point of asking him.

But there was a problem with our business model: We had to wait for people to want (and be able to pay for!) our services. Whether or not we had orders in a given week, our infrastructure costs continued.

But then we developed a new approach to level the workload: we cloned blanks from suitable generic people: a typical businessman, for instance, or a typical wife, a typical basketball player, and so on. We stored these blanks “on ice” (as we called it) until a buyer appeared. A bit of chromatic customization, a facial tweak or two – well, they’d never know the difference, at least before the warranty expired.

DupeMe’s ethicist volunteered to contribute cells to become the first few blanks. We all thought that was pretty funny, but we didn’t say that to to his face. To his faces.

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