“Get Ready!” / Memorable Fancies #1923

October 2017: The “strong Doppler-2” hurricane was due to hit about noon, so the coastal population made serious preparations, but without panic. The storm was expected to come ashore first at Myrtle Beach. From there, most forecasters said, Akim (that was its name, the first hurricane of the season) would probably track northwest toward Charlotte, but might veer north toward Raleigh-Durham. In any case, FEMA said, get ready.

At the Savannah airport, a small plane took off. The pilot calculated the direction of Myrtle Beach and aimed his Cessna in that direction.

By 11 a.m., the Cessna’s wings were rocked by powerful winds.

By 11:45, the pilot could barely hold the plane steady as the South Carolina coastline came into view below him. The wings creaked their strain, and the nose pitched up and down.

At 11:55, the pilot realized that his plane would not not hold together more than another two or three minutes. Carefully, Akim (that was his name) leaned over and carefully extended the ends of two wires from the large shape that occupied the rest of the cabin.

He touched the ends of the wires to each other, a final caress.

The dirty bomb exploded, and the small plane was ripped apart.

In the wake of the storm, soft rains.

Get ready.








[Would this work? I hope DHS is thinking!]

[The next to last line is a tribute to Ray Bradbury.]

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