“No Thanks for the Memories” / Memorable Fancies #1920

Sally was hit on the dead by a falling object and lost several memories. Which memories, she doesn’t remember; but there are blanks of a few minutes to several years. Maybe, she ponders, they were bad memories that she’s better off without. Or maybe they were memories of really great times and she’ll spend years mourning the beautiful sunsets and beaches and loud concerts that weren’t in her head anymore. If they ever were.

Jill offered Sally a few of Jill’s own memories, just to fill in some of the blanks. But then, Sally found out that Jill had been trying for years to foist those memories on unsuspecting women. No, thanks, for the memories.

[Thanks to Emma Kuch Lord for inspiring this. The book below is available on Amazon.] 

Embraces coveer

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