Time Travel, Reloaded

[The following Memorable Fancy was posted on May 1, 2013, as post number 328 – Google can find it easily.]


We were pretty sure our new machine would send people into the future. Being very brave, Bruce (our lab tech) volunteered to jump forward one week. If he suddenly popped into re-existence then, we’d declare victory.

Well, we performed the experiment and waited seven days with great anticipation, but Bruce didn’t appear. We were very disappointed.

But then it occurred to Dr. Halverson, the project’s principal investigator, that our machine might have worked correctly after all, and we could now pop the champagne and shake hands all around. Bruce, she figured, had done the time jump all right, but during that week our planet had moved some 18 million kilometers in its orbit around the sun.

She calculated that Bruce had about two and a half seconds floating in space to realize how successful our experiment had been.

       [And then, the following appeared in The Washington Post on June 25, 2017.]


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