found on the internet … The North Korean Finger

Act now! And a Mister Finger fingerprint kit can be yours. Computerized fingerprint recognition is based on comparing not every arch, loop, and whorl, but a few selected points on a thumb or finger, and their geometrical relationships. This is not hard to simulate for a specific finger, but exceedingly difficult for a sizeable number of them.

But now, thanks to Revolutionary People’s Science, you can buy a Mister Finger – a computerized rubber finger peripheral device that simulates a great many – we think over 90% – of adult American fingerprints, trying one combination after another at the speed of light until the device you’re trying to open, such as her cell phone, unlocks.

The Mister Finger was developed in North Korea by our Jang-Nan-Hae Directorate so we can’t legally tell you where to obtain one in the West, but a careful search of Far East Asian Revolutionary media will guide you to us, where we will welcome you and be happy to give you the Finger.



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