“What’s My Number?” / Memorable Fancies #1755

[“…the activity of having revised your sequence.” – Bhanu Kapil]

At first you were a 1-2-3, very straight. But much to the disappointment of your mother and I, you changed to 1-3-2 – not a drastic change, but one bound to raise questions.

We asked you what we had done to deserve this, a child who chose, perhaps out of some perverse rebellion, to become a 1-3-2. We begged you to reconsider, to change back. But you wouldn’t.

And even more distressing, you now threaten to become a a 2-1-3 and go live among writers and other annoying people.

I suppose I’ll continue to support you, but I’m still hoping you’ll turn back, just so long as you promise never even to THINK about becoming a 3-2-1!


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