“The Mysterious Emails” / Memorable Fancies #1705

You begin to receive emails with long, seemingly meaningless, sequences of letters and numbers. A code, it seems, perhaps a message, but you can’t find anything in these sequences that have meaning – they seem to be random, just noise. But then, you’re no statistician or code-breaker, so maybe they do mean something. Why are you receiving them? You don’t know.

After two weeks the emails stop coming.

That afternoon, visitors arrive at your home, knock politely.

Calmly, they apologize for the messages; they were mis-sent, meant for someone else with a similar citizen-number. You haven’t deciphered them, have you, by any chance? they ask quietly but firmly. No, you say hurriedly, a little flustered, no, I have no idea what they mean.

They don’t believe you.

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