“That Final Secret” / Memorable Fancies #1675

I’ve got to tell you the secret now – because they’re on to me, and the world must know! By tomorrow – maybe even today – they’ll have captured me and uploaded me to an undisclosed location in the Cloud, or just deleted me outright. Even by telling you this, I’ve put your existence in danger, but you must be told that the world we know – ended in 1961. Bay of Pigs leading to nuclear war with the Soviet Union? No – you probably don’t remember learning about that. But that’s when our world suddenly ended in a blaze, not of glory, but of arrogant political stupidity.

Now most of us are just simulations, running on the last computer, one of those old giant mainframes from the 60’s, spare parts almost used up.

– No possibility of a war like that? Dream on, sims.

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00 Seventh Effect front cover small image

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