“It’s Off To Work We Go” / Memorable Fancies #1636

You get on a bus for the morning commute. After a few minutes, you realize that the bus isn’t on its usual route; in fact, it’s headed out of town and your job is in the middle of the city. You get up to speak with the driver but – suddenly the bus stops and the door opens. You see pits outside, squirming with desperate bodies. You think you will be forced outside, forced into the pits, and then what?

You begin to panic. But no one attempts to push you out. Instead, the bodies from the pits rise, crawl to the bus, are herded onboard by unseen hands. You think they’ll attack you, like a clutch of zombies; but they don’t. One of them looks remarkably like you. He approaches you and asks, at first politely, to hand over your ID.

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Malice-cover lightened

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