“The Last Roman” / Memorable Fancies #1609

You spent a lot of money on that time-travel ticket to ancient Rome, but you thought it would be worth it – you’d be one of the few people who could honestly say they’d been there, seen debates in the Senate, perhaps the Emperor himself. You’d have been, among all your friends back in 2016, the only Roman.

All you’d need to return to the present, the travel agent said, was to go to the temple of Janus, find a certain stone in the east wall, and press a hidden button.

But you did become a true Roman, the ultimus Romanorum, with no memory of the twenty centuries you’d crossed to get there.

There was a temple in the Campus Martius – whenever you passed by, its god seemed to be calling out to you, trying to remind you of something.

But you didn’t know what.

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