WTF Your Dreams Mean

The old book What Your Dreams Mean * is a weird delight. My favorite entry is on Intestines. “To see your own intestines, denotes that grave situations are closing around you.” … “If you think you lay them [i.e., your intestines] upon something which turns out to be a radiator, and they begin to grow hot and make you very uncomfortable, and you ask others to assist you, and they refuse,…” – well, nothing good can come of seeing your guts heating up on a radiator, for sure!

And two more gems: “If a woman dreams of admiring a mustache, her virtue is in danger, and she should be mindful of her conduct.” “To dream of noodles, denotes an abnormal appetite and desires. There is little good in this dream.”

* Written by Herbert Hespro and available on Amazon, this work dates from the early 1900’s. There are several newer editions, some of which add comments attempting to offset Hespro’s occasionally impious interpretations (God wouldn’t do that – would He? Not in your dreams!)

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