“The First Statue” / Memorable Fancies #553

“What is it? Did something bad happen to Boleslav the Bold that turned him to stone?”

“No, Boleslav is still our king.”

“But what is this – object?”

“I call it a ‘statue,’” said the man with rock-dust in his hair, “a thing like a man, that we at home may remember him as he swords his way through the provinces.”

“And these banners, flags, …?”

“For the ceremony,” said the sculptor, “for the dedication of our new ‘statue.’”

“That will prove a great occasion, for sure!”

“Yes, indeed. We will gather around the statue and speak, uneasily, of the Boldness of Boleslav and how his sword and fire have made our world what it was not, how he has led our sons into dreadly battle but seldom back again.”

“And then we will topple it,” he continued, “this ‘statue.’ The neck, you see how slim it is in relation to that uneasy head? The statue will break at the neck, and then Boleslav’s head …..”

See Saw edition 2 cover

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