“The New Bishop” / Memorable Fancies #1548

[“Sinesius of Cyrene in the fourth century asked to be made a bishop even though he was not a Christian.” – Michel Foucault]

You see, I would not be party to those theological disputes so constantly with you; nor would I dictate the color of the robes for each season, also a point of severe contention here: let the officiants and acolytes dress as they please.

And as to the proper Gospel and Epistle translations to read, I would not join in the disputes that so rive your church.

Yes, it would be good for you to have a neutral party as Bishop of Cyrene.

I would not let the priests, for example, and the monks who’ve vowed poverty, walk off with the tithes. No, I will take charge of the tithes myself, that the churchmen remain poor lest they take pride in their wealth, leading to their everlasting damnation.

My own dire fate as a non-Christian, you know, is already sealed. Therefore adding a few more thousands of denarii to my purse each month could not worsen the state of my soul.

Anticipating a swift and positive response to this proposal, I remain.

(signed) Sinesius the Wise

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