“The Fourteenth Task” / Memorable Fancies #108

The brave young hero has completed his thirteenth task. “Now,” he says to the King, “Now that I have done all that you have asked of me, including the silver mountain and the magic goose and those three extra tasks you didn’t tell me about at first – now, now may I have the Princess’ hand and half the kingdom?”

The King looks at the hero in silence. The hero sees what’s coming. “Not another task!” he exclaims. “You are a faithless king indeed.”

The King seems sad. “You are brave, young man. But as to the tasks, my daughter the Princess has been devising them. She doesn’t like you. You should just hear the way she talks about you. Or perhaps you shouldn’t.”

The King clears his throat. “Now as for your fourteenth task, there is an especially nasty dragon many leagues from here ….”

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TK at Writers Center 10Apr2016-1

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