“Connecting Nothing with Nothing” / Memorable Fancies #1519

 [“On Margate sands / I can connect / Nothing with nothing.” – The Waste Land]

A prize was offered for the next person, after T.S. Eliot, who could connect nothing with nothing.

I eagerly entered the contest and went about looking for two nothings to connect together. “Well,” a shopkeeper told me, “we have a nothing around here somewhere; over in that corner, I think. And there’s another one outside – I believe I saw it there the other day. – What kind of contest did you say you’re in? Some kind of scavenger hunt?”

I found the two nothings he’d mentioned, and bought them. Rushing to the Margate Sands contest office, I showed them my nothing and then my other nothing.

“What connects these two nothings?,” the official asked me.

“Nothing,” I said.

“Very good,” he said, “you win. And as the winner, your prize is … nothing!”

Happen cover pshopped

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