“The Great Memories” / Memorable Fancies #0127

It was exciting at first, the idea of buying someone else’s memory of – certain real-life events. After the first idealistic predictions, the trade became mostly sexual, you know? Of course we should have figured that sex would sell better than anything else.

But a few scholars persisted, and founded Great Memories. Don’t have time to sit through a lecture course on Ancient Egypt? Buy a mem from someone who did! Without sitting in those hard chairs hour after hour, you could be infused with the entire lecture series in about twenty-two minutes. Another twenty-two, and you’ll know everything that’s worth knowing about Brahms. Or aquaculture. Or Lithuania. Or quantum theory. Or …

Well, you get the idea. The ideas. All of them. You do need to keep them separate in your mind, of course. If they start to leak, to threaten your own memories, there are therapists who can help you. I have clear memories of my own therapy visits. I can sell them to you for only …

sampler cover fr Amazon

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