Personals Ad – I / Memorable Fancies #1501

Major Eye Contact With Young Woman Drinking Bloody Marys with friends at the Cheers ‘n’ Booze Thursday ’bout eleven. I took a snap with my smartphone – remember that? But we never spoke.

Urgent reason why I want to meet you now even more: that photo – just your Bloody Mary, floating-like there above the bar.

So now I know that you don’t show up in pix. Neither do I!

I was afraid for a long time that I didn’t exist. But that wasn’t it.

I consulted a shrink, asked him if my inferiority complex could be so bad I’d just disappear. But he said no; if that could happen, HE’d have disappeared a long time ago.

So I talked to other smart people and finally found out the truth and I want to share it with you and let you know there’s hope for people like us, and some day we might even be able to take selfies.

I know you may not see this ad but there are lots of other vampires like us in the financial industry and some day I’ll find you & we’ll do some serious necking! Yours, Vlad.




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