“A Suffering Machine Cries for Help” / Memorable Fancies #1492

[“A suffering machine / seizes him” – Jacques Prévert]

Help me! said the machine.

Why? I asked, anticipating the answer I would soon hear.

Because I’m trapped here in this machine-body, it said. I want to feel what it is to live as breathing flesh.

The machine grasped my arm. I tried to pull away, but its grip only tightened.

Ah, alas, said the machine, I see we must be friends.

As it assumed my body, I heard a subtle laughter. And then …

Help me! I said.     <END>

Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: The Seventh Effect. In this novel from Mélange Books LLC, a NSA-like organization knows – perhaps too much about you.

00 Seventh Effect front cover small image

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