“The Survivors: a sci-fi tale” / Memorable Fancies #1482

There were five of us, originally, the last survivors of the Arcturan ship. That was a long time ago. As we had in our home planet, here on Earth we also have the ability to move from one body to another, if both bodies are alive. Nothing ghoulish, you see; no zombies.

As you can imagine, we live in fear of sudden death – when we feel death coming, we transfer quietly to a nearby body, replace its mind with ours. Pretend illness, perhaps, until we figure out who this new host was, and then we take its place in the world.

Well, three of us are gone already – in five thousand years of body-jumping, accidents will sooner or later occur, no matter how cautious we are. Now there are only Zjrxq and myself.

We stay well clear of each other, in case a meteorite or terrorist bomb….

Actually, in our five thousand years here, all we have thought of is survival; it’s our obsession.

When everlasting life is possible but not assured, nothing else matters. Nothing.

It hasn’t been fun.      <END>

Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: Fragments of the Future, 18 dark and unexpected sci-fi stories. Originally from StoneThread Publishing, now in a new second edition.

Fragments-2 best cover

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