“New Names for Old” / Memorable Fancies #1455

2050 A.D.: Society requires, for the most efficient record-keeping, that each citizen bear a unique name, not merely a unique government-issued designation such as a Social Security number.

Over time, of course, all the interesting names are taken, and then those less interesting but at least pronounceable. Finally, this leaves us with names like “L01s Sm1th,” just as science fiction has foretold (Ralph 124c41+, THX 1138, Logan 5).

Genealogists, however, have come up with an answer: re-using names of the dead, those whose lives and deeds are no longer worth remembering or keeping on file. The government is adopting this wholeheartedly, not least as a promising revenue stream.

Already, bids for names of the dead are rising: we’re up to a million dollars for “William McKinley,” and almost ten million for “God.”


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09 At All Adventure front cover resize image

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