“Survival Hints for Zombies” / Memorable Fancies #1427

Survival Hints for Zombies – How to Survive Those Hordes of Humans

It’s a dangerous world out there, what with all those humans who’d love to waste you. Here are a few tips to help you stay alive while dead:

1) Try to dress a little better.

2) Do something about your complexion

3) Don’t stare at people’s necks –at least, don’t be so obvious about it.

4) If you can manage to speak a few words of English, try saying “It’s OK, I’m a famous rock star.”

5) Or if you can say “Ha y’all doin?,” and grin a little, humans won’t think your appearance is anything unusual.

6) If you see a film crew coming, shamble the hell out of there!

Remember: Everything will be all right: just stay cool and keep your head.


Malice-cover lightened




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