“A Purpose” / Memorable Fancies #1415

“Do you celebrate Christmas?” Ellen asked.

“Well, I used to, y’know,” said Steve, “when I was a kid. But then after college there didn’t seem to be much point to it, just the strain of needing to be happy.”

There was a long pause. Then Steve continued, “Do you celebrate Christmas?”

Ellen said, “Like you, I guess. A long time ago. – But Christmas is supposed to be for grown-ups too, isn’t it? Not just kids? To give each other something special?”

“Yeah,” he said, “or like that. But if some special thing would be really great for Mom or Dad, they’d already have bought it.”

“So they’d need to have NOT bought it, just so you’d have a chance to give it to them. And they’d need to tell you what it was beforehand.”

Steve smiled. “That’s what Amazon wish lists are for, Ellen; Christmas by computer.”

They sat silently for a while. Then she looked at him. “Why do the holidays have to be such a pain?”

“There used to be a purpose,” Steve said. “Something really important happened that we should celebrate.”

“Yes,” said Ellen. “I used to feel that way too – almost.”


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