“Johnny No-Title” / Memorable Fancies #1397

“If you were part of a research paper, say, in physics or chemistry,” Hal asked, nodding at us around at the table after too much wine, “what part would you be? Like ‘methodology’ or ‘findings’ or ‘references.’”

So I spoke up first and said “I want to be the title,” thinking that might get Hal off on another subject, one that wasn’t so pointless.

There were frowns. After a moment Phyllis looked at me and said, “No, Johnny; you’re not the title type. No way.” The others nodded thoughtfully.

I didn’t know what to make of that. Phyllis was my friend, after all, as were the others. Why couldn’t I be a title if I wanted to be?

Then Hal said, “No, John, titles are thoughtful. They contain just the right words, and only the right words, so that other scientists will know to retrieve them later and reference them in their own papers. You, John, never quite seem to have the right words for anything. Even now, you see. Title, indeed!” he guffawed.


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