“Sinister Circus” / Memorable Fancies #1380

The five-year old says to her father:

I want a horse to take to parties and give kids rides.

I’ll get a clown suit and put it on and give kids ice cream and cake and pointy hats to wear and squawky horns to blow.

I’ll do magic tricks and find rabbits in my hat and doves in my hands and shoo them out the door and let them flap and flutter in the sky and I’ll saw you in half, daddy.

I want a horse so all the kids can dress up in pointy hats and get on the horse’s back and eat ice cream and blow their squawky horns and watch my magic show and yell and scream

While I’m dressed up like a clown and laugh at the rabbits and yell at the doves,

And I’ll saw you in half,



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