“Janie and the School Board” / Memorable Fancies #1367

Little Janie wants $5 to buy something she saw at the toy store. As she considers herself an artist of the deal, she asks Dad for $10, expecting to settle for the $5 she needs.

Dad smiles at Janie. This is a teaching moment for basic economics, he thinks. “Have you,” he asks, “have you considered competing priorities? Done a cost-benefit analysis? Alternative resource scenarios?”

Janie has no idea what Dad is talking about, but she nods eagerly and says, “Yes, Daddy, I’ve done all that and what I really need is $15, but I know that you and Mommy need to buy food and clothes and other stuff, so I’ll make do with only $10. This time.”

Dad smiles and hands Janie a $10 bill.

Janie runs to Mom and tells her what happened. Mom claps her hands in delight. “Wonderful!” she says, “I can just see you running our local School Board when you grow up!”


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