“His Mechanical Shadow” / Memorable Fancies #1353

[“… his mechanical shadow / precedes him.” – Denise Levertov]

…and his mechanical voice, rasping like a rusty lock. We have spoken, many times, about how he’s a machine and how could I love someone like that? And then he says, y’know, flat-like and without emotion, he says it’s not his fault, he was built that way, and only the pure and unconditional love of a beautiful non-machine can turn him away from mechanism to humanism.

When he says things like that, his eyes get brighter by about 23 lumens so I know he’s not lying or do I? Anyway, I’ve always admired his build, not a bolt out of place, and he’s kind to me and he’s so handsome he could sweet-talk an ATM out of all its money which he did once on a dare and blew it on dinner at the best garage in town.

But I know it can’t last. He says machines matter and I guess I’m OK with that but we synths grown in tubes matter too.


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See Saw edition 2 cover

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