“Trouble with Maggie” / Memorable Fancies #1338

[This is a scene from my fourth novel, now in progress (working title: Jig/Saw:]

Before Matt could get three feet inside the door of apartment 414, Jill was complaining. To him, Matt soon realized to his relief, not about him.

“You know Maggie Temple?” she began. “No I guess you don’t since you never come over to my side of the office building, but Maggie Temple – she’s getting a divorce and her to-be-ex keeps calling her about one thing and another mostly money and disturbing everybody in the office and then she calls him back and before long they’re yelling and won’t shut up and nobody gets any work done.” Jill seethed. “And on-speaker at that but even if it wasn’t everybody could have heard anyway.” Matt was well used to Jill’s comma-lite monologues.

“Why don’t you have a talk with her?” he asked, without having thought through the consequences of asking her that question.

“I did,” said Jill, frowning, “you know that’s the first thing I’d do, so why did you say that? You know I’m a capable manager. And Maggie said she was sorry and it wouldn’t happen again and twenty minutes later it happened again, and I called her in again but this time she said she had to iron all this shit out with Ted so that everything would be settled once and for all and then the phone calls could stop. And I said how long will that take and she just shrugged her shoulders, all of them you know she’s been putting on a lot of upper-body fat lately.” Jill paused and looked at Matt sternly. “Any more ideas?” she challenged.

Matt thought better of saying anything and did a Maggie with his shoulders.


[The author at the Great Falls Book Festival, 2015]



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