“The Treasure Behind the Wall” / Memorable Fancies #1326

[“Feeling walls. Feeling layers of paint. Textures, coldness, hollow – may be a hidden chamber behind….” – Henri Michaux]

The old diary hinted at treasure, and now I’m feeling the walls to find the hidden chamber, the soft spot where wallboard may have been cut away, hastily replaced, papered over. My touch identifies a likely place.

Breathless and shaking, I hack my way into the wall, and then there it is, a small metal box secured with a lock. I smash the lock and pry the lid open. But inside the box there is only a note: “The lock that secures this box is a precious ancient antique for which I gave all my wealth. Be careful not to damage it.”

I know that something deeply ironic has just happened to me, a lesson worth the loss of a more obvious treasure.


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09 At All Adventure front cover resize image

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