“The Adventures of Ruby and Bruce, Episode One” / Memorable Fancies #1325

to RubyJ@xxxmail: Ruby – When will you get off that crazy work shift over in Jersey? I miss you & I’m lonely here in the Apple. Please hit Reply once in a while. Love, Bruce.

to BruceJ@xxxmail: Bruce, I’m making lots of money for us here, especially working 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Be patient love you & remember to keep the apartment clean and the pot plant watered.

to RubyJ@xxxmail: You know I don’t mind doing housework – love again, Bruce. The plant says hi.

to BruceJ@xxxmail: Whatever anyway don’t worry. Say hello to my mother if she calls. And don’t make any more of those stupid “tunnel” jokes to her about my commute. You did that one day remember? and she didn’t get it, and then you refused to explain it and then she got mad and called you a bitch. Don’t let that happen again. I’ll be home Tuesday. Love always Ruby.

to RubyJ@xxxmail: Great it will be wonderful seeing you again. Yeah you called it, your mother phoned yesterday you knew she was getting married again but now it fell through, I guess because the guy came to his senses. My own job goes on as usual but last night I got a $500 tip can you believe that! I should send him over your way but I don’t think he’s that kind. I know you get jealous sometimes but honest, I love only you my little cute-ums.

to BruceJ@xxxmail: Good old Mom. I’m amazed at her age she gets any johns at all but she does and sometimes they just go crazy and propose can you imagine! You know I get proposed to sometimes too, but I always say no because I love my darling Bruce. Don’t worry just three more days now and I’ll be home for some R and R including you know what and yes you know I’m always careful over here in Jersey because I love you.

to RubyJ@xxxmail: ……. well that’s about it from here – got to go now because your mother just called and I put her on “hold” isn’t that a riot should be “grip and groan” or something. Love always, Bruce.

to BruceJ@xxxmail: Well what the hell did Mom call you about? I’m dying with suspense here and you didn’t email me yesterday after you said she called.

to RubyJ@xxxmail: OK didn’t know how to tell you but your mom and dad are getting back together and I know you never liked him and he probably isn’t your real father anyway. Got to go now I see our son or whatever he is trying to call. Love you all to “pieces” isn’t that a bad pun! Hugs ever, Bruce.


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