“Dogtags” / Memorable Fancies #1297

  1.      Europe, 1944: Dogtags have a special use. In war, if you find a comrade dead on the battlefield, you are supposed to pull one of them off his bead-chain and force it between two of his teeth, hard. In this way, despite vicissitudes of war and weather and time, the skull, at least, will always be identifiable as John Smith, or Bill Jones, or someone else, even as the rest of the body becomes a nothing, an anonymous not-me.

    My personal project, however, has been to collect dogtags from enemy dead, and keep them. Having been in several battles, I now have a collection of thirty-four German dogtags.

    I am thirty-five people. Thirty-four of them are nothing; just more not-me’s.

  2. <END>
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