“A Magic Spell” / Memorable Fancies #1296

[The mayor presents a proposed law to the city council as if it were a magic spell. –Alain Badiou]

The mayor has proposed a new spell to us on the city council. He wants us to approve it for mandatory citizen use, and outlaw all the old spells.

He identified, in glowing terms, benefits of the new spell, including reduction in substance abuse, less idling on street corners, and greater politeness of citizens when they interact with police.

How this last part was supposed to work, he didn’t say.

(Later:)     We’ve now unanimously approved the new spell, perhaps because part of the spell requires us to agree with whatever the mayor wants us to do.

And yet, we continue to visit the purveyors of forbidden spells, knock on dark doors, whisper passwords, glance this way and that, hand over a few coins, idle on street corners, toke feverishly, make rude signs at police behind their backs.

At least, it’s a gesture.


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