America’s Worst Job: An Urban Legend, or Real? / Memorable Fancies #1295

[I heard the following many years ago in San Francisco from someone who claimed it was true, and had happened to him. But is it – an urban legend? You decide.]

Steve went to a store-front loan office for money, because didn’t have a job and was broke. To his surprise, after speaking with Steve only briefly, the manager offered him a job. It didn’t pay much, but it would do.

The manager showed Steve the desk where he’d be working. “Now when loan applicants come here,” he said, “they check in with Sylvia at the reception desk over there. They complete the paperwork she gives them, and then she sends them on to me. I approve their loan or turn them down. If it’s a turndown, I send them to you.”

“To me?” Steve asked in surprise. “Yes,” the manager says. “Your job is to say no to every applicant I send you and get them out of here quick and quiet.”

Steve swallowed. “So I’m the guy who breaks the news to them,” he said.

“That’s it,” said the manager. Well, Steve thought, that would be rough, but he needed a job.

“And just one more thing,” the manager added. “You have to pretend that turning them down for a loan was your decision.”

Steve stared at the manager incredulously.

“If you make through the first week,” the manager said, “you get a five dollar bonus.”


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