“Mind-Changers – III: The Contest” / Memorable Fancies #1261

[The future: Transplanting minds from one living person to another is now possible. ]

     Contest: Pick one other special person you would like to be for one day, and it can actually happen. Most contestants select TV stars or singers or politicians. Be that person for a day, not just following his calendar and meeting with people he’s supposed to meet, but being that person.

     Before you return to your own body, do something that the famous person, when he gets his mind back, will deeply regret his body’s having done. This is considered very funny.

     Until you find out what he’s done while he was in your body.


Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: The Seventh Effect. In this novel from Mélange Books LLC, a NSA-like organization knows – perhaps too much.

00 Seventh Effect front cover small image

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