“The Curse” / Memorable Fancies #1250

       Thank you for coming to us for help. All physical ills, you see, are due to curses. At our clinic we prescribe prayers that you can use to counteract curses, and booster-prayers to counteract any booster-curses your enemies might use in retaliation. Yes, it’s an ongoing struggle, ever-escalating.

       And in your case, as you can see here on on the instrument’s display, their curses run very deep. Many people must hate you. If it gets worse I’m afraid we’ll have to operate. But for now, I’m going to prescribe a super-prayer for you to repeat twice a day at mealtimes. It can make you feel very sick. You will lose your hair and throw up. But after two weeks on this regimen, you should ….


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Fragments cover 600 001 shopped

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