“How long is a minute?” / Memorable Fancies #1247

         How long is a minute? There’s the famous New York minute, which can be as quick as the tick of a tock. But then there’s the justa minute, as in “be with you in justa minute.” The justa minute can, in some cases, consume several hundred New York minutes.

       Often, a minute occurs when you telephone a public agency and it puts you on hold. This is the origin of “hold on a minute.” The minute, in this case, is more apt to be a justa minute than a New York minute.

       “I’ll let you know the minute something happens” assumes that there are some minutes in which nothing happens. And if we wait long enough, all the minutes will have ticked away and nothing more will ever happen. This will occur “at the last minute.”


The writer at the Great Falls Book Festival:




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