“Rumplestiltskin: A Rumpled Fairy Tale” / Memorable Fancies #1221

I danced around that damn fire until one leg was strained, tendons pulled tight, and all I could do was hop on my other leg and yell at the top of my lungs that my name was “Rumplestiltskin.” Now who would believe that? That’s not a name. That can’t be a name. My real name is Melvin.

Well, I’d almost given up but finally there came a messenger of the queen (I knew who he was because he wore a t-shirt reading “Queen’s Messenger Administration.gov.”)

So I caught him and made him repeat my made-up name three times, very slowly: Rumple-stilt-skin Rumple-stilt-skin Rumple-stilt-skin so he wouldn’t forget it. And then I had to memorize it myself, so I could answer to it at the right time.

And, well you know the rest, and I’m pleased to learn that the little prince (yes, it was a boy) is giving his parents fits, starting wars, breaking all his toys, and being nasty to the king and queen and all their court and the French ambassador too, and throwing temper tantrums whenever he’s peeved which is all the time.

I sure lucked out that time, didn’t I?


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