“The Cataclysm of Red Sheep” / Memorable Fancies #1214

[“Chang Chu, a poet in the 13th century, wrote a line, ‘The cataclysm of red sheep,’ that no one has ever been able to explain.” – Eliot Weinberger]

(1)     Many red sheep were destroyed in the cataclysm; this is why we seldom see them any more. The ones we do find are still looking, worriedly, over their shoulders.

– -or- –

(2)     By disobeying the gods, we caused a cataclysm suffered by all creatures, including, in our case, an ugly red coloration and loss of the ability to baah baah baah.


An old man is waiting to be taken to a hospice. His TV shows clips from his life, including how he, not Lee Harvey Oswald, killed John Kennedy. He unplugs the TV but it won’t shut off. —  [A story line from my collection Fragments of the Future: 18 dark and unexpected sci-fi stories. Buy it on Amazon.]

Fragments cover 600 001 shopped

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