“Pieces and Wholes” / Memorable Fancies #1194

     A “piece” is a one painting on a wall, or a “piece” of music. It becomes a Whole, an oeuvre, when you add the rest of the artist’s work, assemble its pieces.

     Fragments from the Ship of Theseus become the Whole ship, which is its own Whole, making two perfect Wholes.

     Or perhaps Wholes never were, except in our minds. They remain somewhere in the realm of Plato: ideal, perfect, calm, unreachable.

     We are only parts, now, you and I; pieces.    


Tyler’s buddy Miguel is recruited by a strange mind-bending cult. Tyler escapes to find that the U.S. is being quietly overrun. He meets Micki, the only other person he can find who hasn’t been Changed. They desperately pretend, but not well enough. …  [A story line from my collection The Trees of Malice: 16 tales of horror and the weird too creepy to share. Buy it on Amazon.] Malice-cover

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