“Abled” / Memorable Fancies #1192

     You have a physical handicap. You think about it all the time. No one mentions it in your presence – that would be impolite. But you know what they’re thinking: Poor man. What a shame. However does he…?

     Now it’s years later. After great effort, you’ve managed to stop thinking about your handicap. But you still constantly think about what others may be thinking about it.

     That’s your real handicap, now; it’s worse than the original.

     [after William Walsh]


Robert Morgan finds himself suddenly, and without any reason, famous for his alternate-universe theory. He meets Ruth Collins, who has her own universe – which engulfs his. ….. [A story line from my collection Fragments of the Future: 18 dark and unexpected sci-fi stories. Buy it on Amazon.]

Fragments COVER pshopped - Copy (2)

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