“Fast-Forward Your Life” / Memorable Fancies #1181

[“While waiting, I kill time as I may.” – Hubert Benoit]

      Waiting for that damn meeting to start, the one that’s been postponed three times now, I decided to “blank” for a while. Killing time, that vivid expression: just fast-forward your life until something interesting happens. I set the e-timer for thirty minutes, interruptible if my device decided that some other device needed to break in. I clicked “on” …

      OK, back again. Anything interesting happen in that time? Nothing, apparently. But the wall-clock – I turned and caught it catching up with the time, digits flying.

     There must be more to blanking than I knew.


Buy it at amazon.com/author/terencekuch: The Seventh Effect. In this novel, a NSA-like organization knows – perhaps too much.

00 Seventh Effect front cover small image



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