“LOVE unLOVE Me Do” / Memorable Fancies #1165


[“We have a moral sense. It is on punched cards.” – Donald Barthelme (written 1981)]

    Now, our moral sense is on the web; it’s a consensus of what people post and tweet about us, if they LIKE or UNLIKE what we post, if they FOLLOW us faithfully or in a huff UNFOLLOW, or LOVE or BLAME us for what our real online selves SHOULD DO or SHOULDN’T DO or NEVER SHOULD HAVE DONE, and so on.

     But, you say, you don’t have a moral sense; never needed one of those. But sentiments like that, too, are determined by the social media – pretty much for all of us.


Buy it on Amazon: See/Saw. In this novel you can sell your memories for cash. And regret it.

00 SeeSaw front cover small image


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