“Survival” / Memorable Fancies #1130

     “Yes,” he said, “I understand, sir, your wish to endure after death. Your body, that is. As you said, your body is a really important part of you; you’re very fond of him and you want him to carry on even if your brain is longer functional, even if your soul (do you believe in a soul, sir? If so, I have a special offer for … no? oh, well.)               

      “Where was I? Oh, yes. With our process, your body should survive, in a very relaxed state, of course – a long time after your death. No, we can’t guarantee a specific number of years. That depends largely, as you can imagine, on the faithfulness of your heirs. He – your body, I mean – treated with our patent-pending process – should survive a very long time after your brain-death – if your heirs remember to change the pickling-brine every so often, I mean.”


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