Tomorrow is Robert Burton’s 438th birthday / Memorable Fancies #1107

       Robert Burton was an Oxford scholar and writer. “I have heard that nothing could make him laugh,” a friend wrote after his death, “but hearing the barge-men scold and storm and swear at one another, he would set his Hands to his Sides, and laugh most profusely.”

       Burton’s fancy-ful prose style is … well, here’s a sample:

“Give me but a little leave, and I will set before your eyes in brief a stupendous, vast, infinite ocean of incredible madness and folly: a sea full of shelves and rocks, sands, gulfs, euripes and contrary tides, full of fearful monsters, uncouth shapes, roaring waves, tempests, and siren calms, halcyonian seas, unspeakable misery, such comedies and tragedies, such absurd and ridiculous, feral and lamentable fits, that I know not whether they are more to be pitied or derided, or may be believed, but that we daily see the same still practised in our days, fresh examples, nova novitia, fresh objects of misery and madness, in this kind that are still represented unto us, abroad, at home, in the midst of us, in our bosoms.”


Buy it on Amazon: The Trees of Malice, 16 stories of horror and the weird too creepy to share.


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