“Fickleyes” / Memorable Fancies #1105

[“Those old games for fun and element we used to play, like Fickleyes and Futilears.” – Finnegan’s Wake (abridged)]

       Fickleyes, yes, that was fun. Flirting, others called it, or “coming on to,” a locution I didn’t like. It was an effort making Fickleyes, but once in a while it paid off with a night in bed, or a short-lived marriage.

       But Futilears, now – that’s a different story. We all had Futilears. That’s why we never understood each other, why we had to ignore each others’ open mouths, knowing smiles, long runs of prose with no particular beginning or end often the same.

       But our games of Fickleyes consoled us, for a while.


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00 SeeSaw front cover small image

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