Today is John Donne’s 443rd Birthday / Memorable Fancies #1091

[John Donne, the famous poet, was also the most popular English preacher of his day, a master of fanciful prose of an extravagantly morbid sort, as here:]

     “What kind of man I shall be upon my death bed, what trembling hands, what deaf ears, what gummy eyes I shall have then, I know; and the nearer I come to that disposition, the more mortified I am to leave an injured world, and meet an incensed God.

     “It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. What extraction of wormwood can be so bitter, what exaltation of fire can be so raging, what confection of gnawing worms, of gnashing teeth, of howling cries, of scalding brimstone, of palpable darkness can be so inexpressible, so in-imaginable as the CURSE of God?” [abridged]


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Happen cover pshopped


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