“The Blessing” / Memorable Fancies #1087

[“God will take care of you, Sister!” – Alien III]

Krista Selig had many times been asked for money by people she didn’t know, most often at bus or subway stops, or on the street. She’d never known quite what to do. Once or twice, she’d handed over cash and received a “God bless you” in return.

Now, Krista didn’t know how to deal with that. Perhaps she didn’t want to be endeared by God, not knowing what might later be required of her. Perhaps the thought of being blessed just creeped her out. She wanted to say “Just a smile would be fine, or a nod,” but the poor wouldn’t wait and were too fast for her: “God bless you!” was uttered before she could object.

So for the next few years she didn’t give street-people any money, just walked past them, like everyone else. A few muttered “ass-hole,” but most were dark and silent.

Then one day she had an inspiration. Waiting for the right occasion took longer than she thought, but a week later, while waiting for WALK, a tiny woman bundled in scarves approached her and began a sad tale, hand outstretched.

Krista knew what to do. “God bless you!” she said heartily, and walked away. There. Let that happen to the poor woman. Let her deal with it.

09 At All Adventure front cover resize image

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