“The Stone God – II” / Memorable Fancies #1074

[“At a more remote period, the Greeks worshipped uncarved stones instead of images of the gods.” – Pausanias]

Artabas the Simple was passing by the workshop of the Dexios the Stonecutter one day, when something odd caught his eye. “What are you doing?” asked Artabas.

“I am carving a new god for our tribe,” Dexios answered, “an image that will make our enemies quake and the very thunder obey our will.”

Artabas laughed. He had finally found someone stupider than himself, for sure. Everyone knew that stones containing the power of the gods were never carved, just set up in place. The history of the earth itself had carved these stone gods, more than mere man could do with a few bronze tools. And how could a human face be a true image of the gods?

Especially, thought Artabas as he looked more closely at the carvings, the gods were not supposed to look just like Dexios, he was pretty sure.


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