“Indulge Me – Please!” / Memorable Fancies #1073

     It started with indulgences. No, not indulging in ice cream or Twinkies, but buying your way out of Purgatory by paying a bribe an offering of money. The Church reformed the abuse of indulgences, but the need for them still exists. Consider: You have committed a terrible crime, and now beg forgiveness and punishment. About 30,000 years of torture repentance should be enough to square the account, don’t you think? But you’ve got only, say, 30 or 40 years left in this life. If only you would not die so quickly. But you would.

     Do you see where this is going? That we have a kind of solution here? There must be life after death. Yes, that’s it. Perhaps being punished, over and over, is the only reason we need it.


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Happen cover pshopped

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