“Too Much Responsibility” / Memorable Fancies #1062

[His Thing Mod have undone him: and his madthing has done him man. – Finnegan’s Wake]

I’ve just had it up to here, here in Responsible-Land. It’s just too much. Whatever I say, it’s taken seriously – and usually objected to, with extreme Blame! Now I just want to live in a place where, regardless of what I say, the response is “there, there,” or “would you like a nice cup of tea?” or “that’s just your illness speaking,” or nothing but a few faint smiles from the attendants.

I want to be ir-Responsible. I don’t want to be Blamed. Now, how can I make that happen? Without being Blamed for wishing ir-Responsible madness to come upon me!


00 SeeSaw front cover small image

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